Monday, February 18, 2013

The Next Step in This Long Process!

Well we are finally there! All the test results are back. My recent thyroid tests came back normal so the endocrinologist is thinking thyroiditis yet again. He said he will keep a close watch on it and if I were to become pregnant and my thyroid problems rear their ugly heads again, there are ways to fix them safely. So with that we move on!

I filled out all of the online paperwork for the reproductive immunologist out of California, The Alan E. Beer Center. Our consultant gave us three options for immunology but recommended this center due to the nature of my issues. She also said that they are the most aggressive and that certainly appealed to us at this point in our journey. As soon as all of my records arrive, they should be contacting us to set up the first consultation about what the plan will be. I pray these steps are the ones that will lead us to our very first take-home baby. I am willing to do whatever it takes like most of you.