Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First LIT trip to Mexico for a little bambino!

Warning! This post is extremely long because I am not only writing to inform you guys but also to document the experience for my future child. Did you notice that hint of hope and faith? ;)

We're back from south of the border! Let me just say that whether or not any of this will work, it was quite an experience...

We flew out on Friday to Phoenix, rented a car and stopped off at a new outlet mall. It's so hot there that they have those fans that push out mist everywhere. Since I couldn't take any of my medication for asthma, the heat really got to me! Here I am beside a huge cactus next to my favorite store.

After a little shopping we went to our usual fertility treatment restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, in Tucson. Next we drove to Nogales, Arizona to stay close to the border at the Candlewood Suites. We have been working with a woman named Jossie from the clinic in Mexico (She's the only person there who speaks English) and she told us if we stayed here they would come pick us up and drive us to the clinic. We were nervous about staying so close but the hotel was super nice!

Even though the bed was comfortable, I didn't sleep at all. I was wide awake with my thoughts wondering what they were going to do to us tomorrow. Would we be late and they would leave without us or worse, would they not show up at all? Is this clinic going to be clean enough? Eventually I slept but when I woke up I was driving Brad crazy that we would be late. Fortunately we were a few minutes early; Unfortunately the driver, Cesar, was not. We waited an hour and half and finally we received a call from Jossie stating that he was running behind with the rain and waiting to cross the border. Luckily we met another couple, Amy and Ken, who were staying there and going with us to do their first LIT! Amy spotted a brown minivan next door at the Holiday Inn so we knew it was Cesar. I had seen this van on blogs when researching this whole process!

Waiting at the hotel

We go to McDonald's right beside the border to pick up one more couple. This was their second round and the husband spoke some Spanish so they were a big help. The wife reassured us that everything went fine and there was nothing to worry about. They gave us a lot of comfort in an uncomfortable situation.

When we crossed into Mexico, no one cared. There was no one checking to see if anyone belonged there. You just drive right in. What we saw was pretty scary. Rundown houses piled up on a hill, stores with bars and gates. I know we have places like this in America somewhere but not where I live. I guess I'm sheltered. After seeing this, I was a little worried about the clinic itself. When we arrived at the clinic and walked in, it looked nice, clean and like something you would see here. Whew!!!

The fence on the border

They took the husbands in the back room one at a time to draw 10 viles of blood each. It's kinda weird laying down completely to get blood drawn from someone who can't speak to you.

Since it was now waaaayyyy past our lunchtime and the boys weren't allowed to eat anything before the blood draw, Cesar took us to a nearby Mexican restaurant to eat. Cool atmosphere, gross food but then again I eat like a 6-year-old so I'm very picky. We were even entertained by a genuine Mariachi band thanks to Amy.

They brought out the English menu. It didn't help much when you don't know what anything is anyway. 

 Cesar picked us back up after lunch and we rode back to the clinic to wait for our injections of our husband's white blood cell serum. (Weird.) While waiting I went to the bathroom but there wasn't any toilet paper. I warned the girls about it and the wife who had done this already told me you have to ask for the toilet paper. They keep it behind the front desk. What? So anyway I did and afterward I found out that the septic system or whatever they have instead doesn't allow for you to put anything in the toilet, even toilet paper. Oops.

Notice how nice the hallway is. If you were scared about the clinic, don't be!

One by one, they took us back for injections. We were warned by the couple who had already been there that they give them to you right on the doctor's desk. A double dose means you get four injections in each forearm. It felt like long bee stings. It hurt but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

After we all got injected, Cesar took us back to the homeland! We sat in the line of cars to wait our turn to get checked out to come back over and watched as countless Mexicans tried to sell junk on the street in between cars. Food, jewelry and one guy even had a microphone. Not sure what was going on there. None of us bought anything.

We dropped our veteran couple off at the McDonald's and arrived back at the Candlewood. We said our goodbyes to our new friends and started our drive back to Phoenix to spend the night. Here are a few pics of the views we were enjoying. Breathtaking!

We went to the Talking Stick Casino where Brad won $70 on a 2 cent slot machine! We don't really gamble so I put $10 in. When I won $7 I was ready to quit. This describes our personalities so well. I am so conservative while Brad takes risks that scare me. SO glad we were both willing to take this risk to do LIT for the chance at a baby. Let's just hope our bet pays off. 

This is a pic of my injection spots Monday night. I am red, itchy and puffy. Yay!!!!! It makes me feel like it's working or something. ;)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Infertility won today

Feeling a little discouraged after our appointment. Although he did say he would work with us on doing IUIs after LIT, he certainly didn't agree with the diagnosis but that wasn't what upset me. When we explained our 3 IVF cycles, he is quite certain that our problem is embryo quality. Even though Cincinnati never told us our quality was bad, it was concerning to the doctor we spoke with today that out of 3 cycles we only had 1 frozen embryo. He said out of that many embryos we should of had more make it to freeze. The saddest part about this is I believe that too. It always bothered me that we never had any to freeze but it never seemed to bother the group in Cincinnati. Now I'm not so sure we're ever gonna have our own genetic child. Infertility won today. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to an old friend!

Please say a prayer for us tomorrow. We've got a doctor's appointment with our RE in Knoxville (one we used before moving to IVF) to discuss whether or not he will be on board with these immune treatments once I get pregnant again. If not, we may have to go to a brand new RE in Atlanta (who states on their website that they are proponents in reproductive immunology) and we really don't want to switch doctors again. The Cincinnati group was great but there is no reason to go there since we will no longer be using IVF. They also weren't thrilled about immunology.