Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Infertility Addiction

My RE called last week. He said he was very sorry and really thought this transfer was going to work. I agreed and told him I had implantation spotting at 3 and 4 DP5DT so when I didn't get pregnant I was shocked. When I mentioned trying a gestational carrier he said he didn't think it was time to do that. He said GCs are for women with problems with their uterus and it was extremely expensive. He said insurance doesn't cover the pregnancy and you have to pay hospital bills out of pocket. Is this true? When I looked it up online, it seemed like insurance did cover and you just paid her co pays but who knows? Have any of you had experience with this?

He suggested to try again with our last two donor embryos and said if it didn't work he might be able to locate more for us. When does it end? Granted we've only transferred 2 high quality embryos out of 8 embryos (assuming that our genetic ones aren't good) but we've done 5 transfers with only one chemical pregnancy that ended soon after the beta. He said the success rate for FET is around 40% with high quality embryos. So I guess we will put the last two in me in a few months but I really hate to do it. I feel like my body is not good at this and I thought my time trying with my own body was over. But then again I feel like I'm playing the lottery and if I just throw some more money on the table, maybe I'll win the jackpot.