Tuesday, June 26, 2018

May 25, 2018-The Day of the Dance

Since it was so close to a holiday weekend, we had to leave our condo at the beach and move to an Airbnb in Beaufort. It worked out perfectly though because the house was bigger and by this time Brad's mom and sister joined us. They were super glad Graham decided to stay put until they arrived.

It was now Friday morning, Graham's induction day! The day we have waited over 10 years was finally here! Katie had an appointment at the doctor's office for one last checkup and then we were sent over to the hospital. They started Pitocin (poor thing!) and before too long they were able to stop it because she was producing her own contractions. The doctor broke her water and we were on our way to meeting our son!
Leaving for the doctor's appointment and hospital

I ended up with a TON of tally marks. I'm so excited to meet my baby boy!

We were in the delivery room mostly but came out to wait a bit with family

Katie was now dilated to 9.5 centimeters. We knew it wouldn't be long. Brad and I were behind a curtain at this point because they were flipping Katie around so much due to the contractions causing decelerations in Graham's heart rate. I knew it wasn't good but didn't realize the actual severity of the situation because I couldn't see the monitor. Finally the doctor came behind the curtain to tell us she would have to go to the operating room for a c-section because Graham's head was too large (in hindsight this wasn't the case but a way to keep us calm). We were upset for her but understood. I went over to talk to Brian, Katie's husband, and told him he could go in the operating room rather than me like we had talked about but he insisted I go.

But when it was time to suit up the doctor said no one was coming in. Talk about panic time.

Graham's heart rate decelerated into the teens. I'm so thankful I didn't know this at the time because I probably would have fainted. Because it was so low, the doctor put Katie under general anesthesia which is why no one was allowed to go back to see the birth. Katie said it was one of the scariest moments of her life when they were no longer able to monitor him until he was out. Brian, Brad and I were waiting outside in the hall but Brad and I didn't know how bad things really were. I see this as a blessing.

They took her back at 7:05 and Graham was born at 7:28, a perfectly healthy baby boy weighing       8 lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. The umbilical cord was causing all the trouble. It was wrapped around his neck but the real reason for the decelerations was because he had it piled on top of his chest. So with every contraction the cord was causing all that pressure. Katie's doctor said as soon as she made the incision the cord popped right out first.

We had the absolute best nurse ever who when she found out I couldn't go back asked for my phone and took it into the operating room so that I wouldn't miss his first moments of life. Not only did she capture his first moments but also our reactions to seeing him for the first time!

We never dreamed he would come by an emergency c-section but we are so thankful that the Lord protected both of them and wouldn't let Satan turn this dancing back into mourning. We realize this could have gone a very different way and we are so thankful that Katie's doctor saved him just in time. We understand the sacrifice Katie made and now it is an even bigger one.

After we knew everyone was safe and sound, it was time to enjoy this most precious gift! I'll let the pictures tell the story of the joy brought about by this long-awaited baby boy. Thank You Lord for this dance and for sending all the people in our lives that made this possible. You are greatly praised today and forever.

Not the ending we predicted but a perfect ending all the same. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Grahamticipation 2018

Today is actually Graham's one month birthday! Life with him has been better than we ever dreamed but before I can explain what that's like, I have to go back to what got him here. I'm going to begin with what one of our friends called grahamticipation! The long-awaited appearance of Graham Davis.

Brad, my mom and I flew out of Knoxville to Jacksonville, NC on Friday, May 18, 2018. We brought almost everything Graham owns and it was surreal checking a car seat. Could we really be bringing our baby home finally?

We spent the night in Jacksonville and headed to Atlantic Beach the next morning. We met Katie and her kids at a cupcake place and then went to eat with Katie and her husband the next night. We knew that Graham could make his appearance at any time but decided to enjoy our stay while waiting. It's not everyday a Tennessee boy is born at the beach! So we spent our days and nights at the beach, playing putt putt and corn hole, throwing the football and playing cards. The most fun was had at the condo's water slide!

We had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to check any progression and for a membrane sweep to hopefully get things going. We also spent a lot of our time eating good seafood so that's exactly what we did after the appointment that morning. Still no baby but should be any time now! I wanted to go by the hospital to get some pics to document where our sweet boy will enter the world.

It's crazy but even though Katie is due to give birth in less than a week, she still felt like getting out and meeting us for lunch and outings. We went to the aquarium one day and she walked around that entire place like a champ! She went into labor at the aquarium with her second child so we were hoping it might work for Graham too but nope! Since IVF pregnancies are notorious for the placenta breaking down at the end, her doctor decided an induction would be best on Friday so that is the plan if he doesn't come before.

He didn't come yet! ;)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Graham Bradley Davis is here!

Our sweet baby boy made his appearance into this world at 7:28pm on May 25, 2018. Graham Bradley Davis was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long. There is so much to say but will take a while to get it done with a newborn in the home but just let me say we have never been happier in our entire lives. We are so grateful to the Lord and the many people who sacrificed to make sure this little boy was born happy and healthy.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Is it time?

Katie had two migraines last week. When the second one wouldn't go away on Friday, she decided to call her doctor and stop by to check her blood pressure. It wasn't high but it was elevated so she sent her to Labor & Delivery for monitoring. They were trying to get her migraine to go away, get her blood pressure down and do a 24 hour urine collection to test for protein which could mean pre-eclampsia. The only cure for pre-eclampsia is to deliver the baby. Graham would be 38 weeks the following day so would be fine to deliver at this point.

I've had Graham's bags packed for some time now but not our's so I begin to frantically pack for the two of us. Would today or tomorrow be the day we would meet our son? Although I wanted to meet him more than anything in the world, I would rather it be on a day where he comes on his own or is induced. I don't want the reason he has to come be from something potentially dangerous for Katie. When you match with a surrogate and buy them life insurance, it's just routine procedure but the fact that she's literally putting her life on the line for us is not lost on me.

She get to L&D and they put her in a room and check her blood pressure periodically. Now it's normal! They gave her something safe to help with the migraine and she slowly starts to feel better and then her blood pressure is even a tad low. God is so good! They hook Graham up to a monitor and find out really soon that my son is a mover and a shaker. The nurses have to come back in constantly to readjust the monitors because he moves from side to side every few minutes! I can't wait to see his little personality. Something tells me he is going to be on the go from day 1. After a few hours of monitoring he starts to throw some contractions about every 3 minutes. The nurses are a bit concerned but Katie tells them these are nothing really and what he likes to do. The doctor came by and checked her again and although her cervix was a bit softer, she wasn't any more dilated than she was at Tuesday's check-up.
Look at these contractions! He's been doing this for weeks now. Poor Katie!

They finally let her go home around 8:30 after spending the entire day in L&D. Blood pressure was fine, headache was so much better and Graham has no intention of wanting to be born just yet. She finished the urine collection at home and there was no protein! We are so thankful to God that the one elevated reading was most likely due to the pain from the migraine and not pre-eclampsia. Looks like we will be waiting a bit longer for this boy but after 10 years what's 2 more weeks right? ;) I think Katie would say two more weeks is a LOOOOONG time though.
We are leaving for NC on Saturday. She will be 39 weeks. We are hoping he will either come on his own or for an induction the week of the 20th. Either way it won't be long now before we are holding him in our arms!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I Named You Mother

I thought I would read back through my blog, especially the older entries. The entries where it was so painful so that I could see how far God has brought us. Here's an entry from 2011 right after the first of 6 IVF failures. I don't even remember who sent this to me but I do know I needed to hear it then and even now. Thank You God for keeping Your promises. From winter to spring. From mourning to dancing:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A word from GOD
So you know how I stayed up late Monday night searching for something from God? It turns out that He did have something to say, just not to me directly. When I got home Tuesday from Brad's grandma's where AF showed up, this was the message in my fb inbox. Keep in mind I hadn't posted about anything about the cramping or AF yet so this friend had no idea what was going on. As far as she knew I was still in my 2ww.

Hey Lyndsey,

This is kinda strange, but I was praying for you this morning and I feel like God gave me something for you. Hope you don't think its weird. And honestly, I don't know if this round of IVF will work for you. But after praying for you, and hearing what I heard, I have such hope for you. Anyway, this is it:

I have heard your cry. I have heard your cry my daughter and I am sending my spirit to you and I am filling your womb. I have anquished with you. I have heard your tears and been with you in the night. I have heard your Why’s and your heartaches and I say it is near. It is near. The time of mourning is nearing its end. And I say that before I formed you in the womb, I called you, I NAMED you “mother.” It is not just what you will be, but it is what you already are. I made you for this purpose. You have a mother’s heart. And I say, you will look back on this time of sadness and darkness and you will see very very specifically the work I was doing in your life. And you will know without a shadow of a doubt what my purposes were. And you will rejoice and thank me for this time of pain and tears. The broken road that you have traveled has opened up before you and it is a smooth passageway. There will be other trials in life, but they will be different. I have given you your mate because he is perfect for you. He was made for you. And I will ease his suffering. His pain in watching your pain will be no more. From ashes to victory. From winter into spring. From death into life. And I bring you life.

So that was my message from God. Pretty powerful, huh? It doesn't change the hurt that I feel from the failure of this cycle but it does give me hope. Hope that my mourning is close to its end. Hope that a child is on its way soon. Hope in God's plan.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Weekly Check-Ups

We are 37 weeks 3 days today and the appointments are now weekly. Katie is starting to see others that transferred around the same time we did have their babies and it's getting so real! She went to her appointment last week and even though she's had tons of contractions, she wasn't dilated at all. She went back today and was only dilated 1cm so Graham is still remaining cozy at this time. Although I hate it for her because at this point most women are SOOO ready for delivery, it's never a bad thing for him to cook a little longer. Plus that won't hurt our case for transferring two next time if she carries him completely to term.

We are planning on flying out May 19 so it would be really great if he would hold out until then so his mama and daddy can watch him be born. I'm sure when he knows we are there he will be more than ready to meet us. I know I'm sure ready to meet him. I've been ready for 10 years.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Almost There...

I apologize for taking so long to write but we have been busy getting Graham's nursery together and flying back and forth for two more ultrasounds. Can you even believe we have a nursery to do? We finally live in a house that the intended empty room will no longer remain empty. I am so thankful that I can't even put my joy into words.

We had an ultrasound on March 13 (30 weeks) because Katie's doctor couldn't get a good facial picture the last time we were there. We got to see his face pretty well but he was breech. At 30 weeks he still had plenty of time to turn but she scheduled us again just to be sure.

So while we are praying for him to turn during the weeks in-between appointments to avoid scheduling a c-section, Katie failed the first glucose test. A lot of people do so we weren't super concerned yet. She purchased her own glucose meter and began testing at home. Everything seemed fine so we were all pretty confident going into the 3-hr repeat test. She took her monitor in with her and according to the readings, she was also failing the second test. We were all then just praying that it could be controlled with diet and no insulin. Not only do we not want that for either of them, she can't be a surrogate again if she requires insulin. So with tears in her eyes she waited for the call that was going to confirm gestational diabetes. The call came the following day but it wasn't the one we were all expecting. SHE PASSED! I don't know if her monitor was wrong or if God healed her but I like think it was the latter. He has been faithful and I knew He would turn this sweet boy head down  too. 

And so He did....

He's HEAD DOWN!!!!!

We went back on April 10 at 33 weeks and he was perfect. 4 pounds 11 ounces, measured right on track with plenty of fluid. So now we just have to grow for 5 more weeks right? Well he decided to throw some braxton hicks contractions last week  a few days after this appointment and scare me half to death that he was going to be born at 33 weeks. But yet again everything is totally fine. Cervix is still completely closed, he is head down but not engaged. Luckily we did get our PBO (pre-birth order) last week from our lawyer just in case he tries to come early. This is the document that states Brad and I are his parents and our names go on the birth certificate right at birth. Without it the surrogate's name can be put on the birth certificate so we were beyond excited to reach that milestone.  I've got his clothes and blankets washed and packed so although I don't want him to come just yet, we are ready to jump on a plane just in case. PBO is packed too!

So we are 5 weeks out and praying that he doesn't come until 39 weeks and we ask that you pray the same prayer. There have been a few bumps in the road but God has protected him the entire time. We are trusting He will continue.