Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It was negative. This was the first time I haven't cried in all these years. I'm finally becoming a big girl (or numb to the whole thing?)

Beta Day at 12DP5DT

Does anyone else think my clinic is insane waiting for this long for a beta? From what I've read, most girls have it done at 10 DPT. It really doesn't matter because I tested on Saturday which was plenty of time to see 2 lines which I course did not see. But really I'm ok now. I dealt with this last week and really feel fine. On my way to work last week I heard a song on the radio that had my actual verse at the end of it: Psalm 30:11. As you already know turning your mourning into dancing isn't a huge verse that you hear everywhere like Jeremiah 29:11, so the fact that He allowed me to hear that just when the doubt starts to creep in showed me He is still working. Please say prayers for our next steps, which I hope include adopting. I know that's not any easier than what we have already been doing but if that's the plan He has for us, it's what we both want to do too. I'll let you know the results today but we all know what they are: closure.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Is it time to dance yet?

Ok so it's not spelled right but still! Several friends were sending me this link on Facebook the week prior to my transfer. I know it's silly but it still made me feel good. Is 2015 going to be my year? It better be or all internet name predictions are wrong and then what would any of us have to believe in anymore?

Actually, I believe in this instead:
I am trusting that this FET is the time God is choosing to bless us but if not, I have to be ok with that too. It's easy to say right now since I haven't poas yet but I know deep down He is for me. He knows what's best for me just like I will know what's best for my children even if they don't always understand. So with that being said, here is the story of what I pray is the answer to our prayers for 8 years.....

On January 11, 2015 we were at church and the pastor was speaking about how sometimes the more you know, the less faith you have, kind of like how little children have such faith without question.  He illustrated this by sharing a study from webmd. There were a group of women going through IVF and they were all similar in issues (such as poor egg quality, low sperm count, etc.) A group doing the study decided to pray for half of the women without their knowledge. The group that was prayed for got pregnant twice as much as the group that wasn't prayed for. The same thing happened with a group needing angioplasty surgery. The group that was prayed for had less complications than the other group. When the results of the study was presented to doctors, they said they didn't understand how this could have happened but if you ask a little child they would say because God answers prayers. It was so neat that my pastor used this story two days before my transfer. I decided to amp up the prayer time so I shared the study on my Facebook page and asked for as much prayer as possible. We also spoke with our pastor after the service and asked that he pray for us and tell as many others as he could. And believe me, people are really praying! If you are a Christian too, I would love more prayer. Here is the link if you are interested in the study:

So we left the next morning for my lining check at the Florence, Kentucky office. I was so proud of my uterus because my lining was 8mm and the doctor said anything above 6 was good.
We went to stay with one of my closest friends in Lexington for the night then headed back up to Cincinnati the next day for the transfer! We were thrilled to learn they both survived the thaw and we had two very nice looking donor embryos to transfer. It was a wonderful day and couldn't have gone any smoother.
This is the first time they have had a pink gown. I am loving the pink and blue!!!!

These are my boy/girl twin socks. If I'm going to pray about a baby, I might as well go all out, right?

Can you see them?

My excited face :0

These rocks are in the bathroom. I am trying to do both of these!!!!!

Yee haw! This is in the lobby. I have to ride it every time.

My sweet babies! Love at first sight.

Their first meal, chicken salad at Rafferty's.

I'm on day 6 today. Going to start testing at home tomorrow!You'll see pee sticks if they look good. If not, then no.

Please Lord, please! We are praying for the September 9th date but October 1st will work too. :)

 My transfer was on January 13th, which is my brother's birthday. My beta is on January 27th, which is Brad's birthday. I know God loves to use numbers and dates so maybe, just maybe He will this time too. Back in 2008 when I was undergoing my first IUI, I knew without a doubt it was going to work because I was 30 years old and my IUI was in the 11th month (November) because my verse He had given to me a few years before that was Psalm 30:11. I know that is reading into it a lot, but guess what? I got pregnant and stayed pregnant longer than any other pregnancy I've had. Even though that pregnancy ended, it gave me hope that I did hear from God and He will one day indeed turn my mourning into dancing. I pray my dancing will begin tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Successful Transfer!

I will write in more detail later but just wanted to let you guys know that everything went great today. I am pupo with two donated embryos and I couldn't be happier. Beta is scheduled for January 27th (hubby's birthday!) but you know I'll start peeing on sticks next week. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lining Check

Lining was 8mm so everything is set for tomorrow at 10cst. Prayers appreciated!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The power of prayer

My pastor shared this story today about the success of IVF through prayer. I thought it might be a good read for some of you as well. Please join me in prayer for our transfer this week. Thanks friends.