Sunday, March 4, 2018

Showered with Blessings

I still can't believe it. February 17-18, 2018. My baby shower weekend. He's almost here. It's almost time for the dance to begin. We started a bit early...

My mom and I picked Katie up at the airport on Thursday. The next day our entire family went to see Graham in a 3D ultrasound. Brad and I have seen him a lot of course but this was different. You could see his cheeks that I can't wait to kiss all over. It was neat for our parents to be a part of this experience too because they have never been to an ultrasound before. It was a day I'll never forget.

Friday night Katie's mom arrived all the way from Texas. I was so honored that she would come all this way to support her daughter and celebrate our son. Saturday morning was baby shower #1 at First Baptist Church. This is the church I grew up in and my mom's friends were so kind to throw me a shower. I got to see a lot of faces that I haven't seen in some time. We ate, opened presents and DANCED! I said a little speech about how the Lord has brought us through so much the last 10 years and that I promised Him I would praise Him when the mourning was over. So as silly as we may have looked we danced before the Lord and I hope He was pleased with our offering.

My gracious hostesses

All  his loot! I felt so very blessed. 

Some of my babies I taught in the past. 

Kissing on my boy!

Remember that mutual friend Katie and I had on Facebook?
Well here they are! Sam and Kathi drove all the way from KY to celebrate
this child and see their old friends Betsy and Katie. 

My mourning is gone!

Sunday was shower #2 at Central Baptist Church. My friends threw this shower for me and it could not have been more perfect. They took some items from Graham's nursery to decorate. I really wanted to use elephants because I felt it would honor my other children lost through miscarriage. So one of my friends and her sister made a shadow box with the story. My girls also made sure that the video Katie made when she told us she was pregnant was playing. When I dreamed about having a baby shower, this was it! I did my same little speech and then we danced at this shower too! Thank You Lord for this incredible gift.

Cutest cookies ever


My sweet friends who showered me (minus two!)
The "I'm pregnant" video
Pictures from his nursery
My friend who took our adoption pictures that we ended up using to find
our surrogate came and took pictures at the shower today too! Will share those once she edits them. 

Notice the embryo picture on the screen. We've come a long way!

My sweet friend who I have been through this entire process with because she was
going through the same thing at the same time as me. She got to her baby girl last July!We both beat this thing!!!!!

I may kiss him a bit much

She made ALL these elephants for the tables!

So needless to say I was showered with love and Graham has a lot of what he needs now. I am so grateful to everyone who came and danced. I know that's not an easy thing to do and I saw it as a true sacrifice. I am almost to my promised land.