Thursday, September 14, 2017

Get your dancing shoes on!


4DP5DT &   5DP5DT


As I stated in the last post, Katie has been having tons of symptoms since the transfer. After she left on Sunday, she has been feeling just like she did with her three kids' pregnancies early on. The symptoms got so bad that she decided to test at midnight on Monday night which was 4DP5DT. She got a super faint positive so decided to test again in the morning before telling us, just in case. So at 6:00 Tuesday morning she tried again and this time there was no mistaking that second line. She sent us the sweetest video to tell us that I would love to post but the copyright will not allow. If you'd like me to send it to you I would LOVE to!

We have cried, we have rejoiced, we have been in disbelief that this is finally actually happening. But why such disbelief? He said He would do this. He gave me these verses all those years ago. Years before we even knew what the mourning would be for. We know He keeps His promises. I'm ashamed that at times I doubted Him. I'm ashamed that at my lowest time I threw my Bible and yelled at Him for not saving my baby. I trusted Him when things were going my way but when I spent years watching everyone else get pregnant and have their babies, I turned away sometimes. Luckily I serve a forgiving, sovereign God who understands my shortcomings. I am so thankful He loves me so much to give us the child that was always meant for our family. 

Today I literally danced in my living room. I stomped my foot on the ground at infertility and told Satan he didn't win. Please join me in the dance and praise His name for the sweetest little miracle who should be arriving around May 26, 2018. Pray for Katie that she will have an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. My heart is so full. Here is my song of praise that I have sung every time I've been pregnant. This time the pregnancy is going to end with a baby instead of tears. 

Next up- 
Beta on September 19!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Transfer Trip!

Katie arrived on Tuesday night, September 5. Her husband, Brian, was so gracious to take time off work to watch the kids so she could come early and stay late! It took her a little bit longer to get here because of the weather from Hurricane Harvey. (Bless those of you who endured him and Irma!) The airline lost her baggage but luckily she had all the meds in her carry-on. Since it was a little later, we went to eat at Smoky Mountain Brewery and then waited for an Uber driver to deliver her baggage. Roadie delivered it at 11:30 with his zipper down showing his red underwear. Katie and I were both so glad Brad answered the door instead of one of us! I gave her the progesterone in oil (PIO) shot and we went to bed.

Wednesday we went shopping for her kiddos, furniture for my new house and then went to my most favorite store right now, Buy Buy Baby. We walked through every aisle taking pictures of all the things that she said were useful and I dreamed of maybe registering for all of it soon. Please God. Allow me to come back into this store as an "expectant mother" and pick out all of these things for our own bundle of joy, even if they won't let me part in that reserved spot. :)

We relaxed that night by eating Japanese and watching our two new favorite shows, "Rattled" and "Outdaughtered." We learned that the couple on Rattled that has quads only transferred two embryos and they BOTH split making four babies and we were both thankful that we were only transferring one tomorrow.

Everyone's calendars have been marked. It's finally SEPTEMBER 7TH, TRANSFER DAY!We left for Nashville early that morning. When we arrived, Brad let us both out and I stopped by the bathroom. When I got back into the waiting room, they had already called Katie back! She sent me a message saying they already had her in a gown in bed! I started to believe I wasn't going to be allowed back. It's a bit strange when for so many years you are the one signing in, getting in the gown, getting your blood pressure checked and now feeling no one realizes you're even there. I sat there for a while in a bit of a panic but those of you that know me well know I would NEVER speak up on my own behalf. Luckily Katie has already figured this out about me so she told the nurse someone would need to go out there and get me and they did! Thank goodness. I would not have wanted to miss this next part for anything in the world.

After they checked Katie's vitals, the nurses told us the embryologist would be in next to tell us about the embryo. When I heard the door opening, I felt my heart drop to my feet. Did it survive the thaw? Was it good quality? YES AND YES! She explained that the embryo was already hatching and not only that but that when we get in the room I could watch it continue to hatch! I cried tears of joy and she hugged my neck.
His/her first pic! How gorgeous is this?
 Next we had to sign a bunch of paperwork and it was Katie's last chance to back out! (Only kidding!)Then they wheeled her into the transfer room which is where I got to see our baby literally moving. It was by far the most incredible thing I've ever seen and something I will never forget. The only bad part was that Brad wasn't allowed back there to watch our child show the earliest signs of life. How great is our God?

After he/she put on the little show, they scooped it up in the catheter and put it right where it needed to be and that was it. They wheeled her back into the room for a few minutes and we were off to lunch!

By this time our little baby was hungry (hehe!) so we stopped off at a local favorite, Double Dogs for our buffalo chicken salads like we ate before medical and psych clearance. 

Crossville, where our parents live, is on the way home to Knoxville so we decided to stop by to see Brad's grandma so she could meet Katie and then headed to my mom's house. She got to meet my brother Jeff, his wife Michelle, our best friends Carrie and Nathan and their son, Peyton. My other brother, Patrick, was unable to make it so he Facetimed us during supper. Speaking of supper, my baby got to enjoy a 7 course meal as his/her Papa would have called it! Chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, biscuits, corn, green beans, slaw and chocolate cake. I gave her the PIO shot in my mom's bedroom and blood started squirting out all over both of us. (And my dad said I should have been a nurse?) We didn't even try to call for help because we were both laughing so hard! Nathan used to be a phlebotomist and assured us that it just sometimes happens and probably never would again thankfully.
 The next day was Pumpkin Spice Day at Krispy Kreme and although I don't care for them, Katie loves them so I joined in with some chocolate glaze. The rest of the day we looked for items to decorate my new furniture that we found days before. While shopping Katie started to have what we both thought were implantation cramps. How could it be so soon? I guess when you put an embryo in that's already 5 days old, they are ready to start digging in! These cramps continued for the next 2 days!!!!!

For supper we went to Lakeside Tavern with Brad's family. She got to meet his mom and dad, his sister Julie, his Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jerry and his cousin Nathan. We had to wait for our table so we opened gifts during the wait. Brad's mom and dad opened a chalkboard I bought them to countdown the weeks until their first grand baby arrives. (Can you tell we have some confidence in this new plan?) Brad's mom, Patti, got Katie a candle that said HOPE and as I read the card I balled my eyes out. Not only have Brad and I waited 10 years for this baby, his family hasn't had a baby on their side since his cousin who is now in his 30s. It always hurt me so much that I couldn't give that to them. I'm so thankful that Katie is willing to do this for all of us. Brad's Uncle Jerry said it best when he looked her straight in the eye and simply said, "Thank you."

Patti gave me a book with the transfer date on the first page that I was obviously not expecting to see.
I love how Brad is watching me. 

We couldn't send Katie back to North Carolina without UT Football and Marco's Pizza so that was our Saturday. We went to Copper Cellar, our usual hangout, and then watched the Vols beat Indiana State. I wish our baby's first game would have been against a better opponent but a win's a win!

So then it was Sunday and time for Katie and our embryo to fly to North Carolina. It was a sad day to say goodbye to both of them but when she woke up that day feeling hot and nauseous we were both so hopeful that I will be seeing them again soon at an ultrasound. I can't explain the gratitude we have toward this special girl. Not many people would leave their home, children, husband and life to spend a week with us and give us this most precious gift. I knew I loved her before but now she truly feels like a part of our family. Praising God for the pain that led us to her and hopefully soon the joy. I pray He says to me, "My Daughter, it's time to dance."

To be continued......... :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's Get This Baby Started!

I've been here six times before. Using the pills and shots to manipulate your cycle into becoming ready to receive a precious little embryo. It's not for the faint of heart and the fact that someone I've only met once is willing to go through this entire process for us is so humbling. Katie knows how I love to document everything so she has been so great to send me pictures so I can be a part of this every step of the way. So here is a picture calendar of our last few months preparing for Baby Davis! Please be in prayer that this baby will stick in September and met us all in May 2018.

 Prescriptions and medication calendar. 
NFC gave this to us the day of medical screening. 
 Birth control pills and antibiotics started on July 20, 2017.

 Medication delivery on August 1, 2017! 
Lupron, Estogen patches and Progesterone in Oil
 Lupron shots started on August 2, 2017.
 Kids pretending to be scared of the needle! haha!!!!
 First shot completed! Didn't hurt a bit!

 First lining check and blood work on August 15, 2017. Estrodiol is 38.5 which is perfect! 
Had to be under 75. Start estrogen patches. 
 Perfect uterus and lining to get ready for our sweet child. <3

 Second lining check and blood work on August 28, 2017. 
Pineapple core is believed to help embryos implant. 
There was even a newborn who came in for a checkup that was 
wrapped in a pineapple blanket because she was an IVF baby! 
We took this as a great sign of things to come for us. 
 Sweet little girls went with their mom for blood work. 
Someone asked if Katie is ready for another one but Evelyn set her straight!
They were so good in the waiting room that they earned a donut as a treat. 
Evelyn said, "I just love blood draw day!" 
So we don't have the blood test results yet but apparently we don't need them! 
Katie's lining check was 10.4 today (had to be at least 7) 
and is triple striped which is what you want. SOOOOO, the transfer date is......

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers throughout this process. Everything has gone like clockwork and I know it's because of the prayers of God's people and the willingness of sweet people to put themselves before others. I will praise God for this journey, even if this isn't the transfer that takes. 

I leave you with an IVF calculator that hopefully will come true soon. Beta day is September 19 but we will know before then because of hpts of course. Please pray this sweet baby sticks and stays with Katie for 9 months until he/she comes home to our family. Love you all!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Transfer Date!

Things are moving right along with our surrogacy journey! When we started this process, I imagined time would creep very slowly but luckily everything has gone perfectly and quickly and I owe all of that to the Lord! He has made this process not only easy but fun and I am so thankful that this is the path He chose to make our family.

Since I last posted, Katie had a saline ultrasound of her uterus to make sure there weren't any polyps or fibroids and of course that test came back fine. We contacted lawyers for us both and the contract is completed. We are just waiting on the final draft (even though we didn't change anything from the first draft) so that we can sign and notarize.

She is now taking birth control pills and antibiotics. She will take Lupron shots at the beginning of August then she'll have a suppression check in the middle of August to see if the birth control and Lupron have shut down her own system. She will then begin estrogen patches and progesterone shots to help get her lining ready to implant this little one! So we are looking at a transfer date somewhere around September 5. We will know the exact date after her last lining check and blood work which should be on August 28.

I plan on sharing pictures once she starts her shots to document every step of this baby's journey to life. Please say a prayer that she will be able to do the shots with ease and that God will continue to bless us all on this path. It seems like He chooses to make things easy when you are in His will. And I know that we are.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Nice to meet you. Will you carry our child? ;)

June 2017....The beginning of our surrogacy journey

I can't believe the time has come. 


Katie and I have been waiting for June to come because not only is June the month of our first surrogacy appointments, it's the month that we meet each other in person. This meeting isn't like any other either of us have ever done. We are meeting the lady who will love our child(ren) as they grow and develop inside her. She is meeting a couple who she must trust without reservation. This was big. 

Katie and her husband Brian arrived in Nashville on Sunday so they could explore the city. It was a complete mess from the Predators game (GO PREDS!) and an Alan Jackson concert but they managed to have a great time just being together, even while trudging through the beer on the street! She sent this picture to me and huge tears welled up in my eyes. I can't believe she's in Tennessee!
They're here!

Exploring Nashville

On the way to take the longest test ever!

Her first psychology appointment was at 5:30 on Monday night. She had to take a 600 question test and sit through an hour interview alone. At the end of the interview the psychologist told her she couldn't wait for her to start her journey and get to these babies. I think it was safe to say she impressed her. :)

June 6, 2017.
Katie and Brian arrived at the second appointment at 9:00am to meet with another psychologist. Brad and I needed to be there by 10:30 to meet with her also. We went into what seemed like a house but we knew we were in the right place because Brian and Katie's luggage was sitting in the waiting room. I looked at the luggage tag that had her name written on it and I thought to myself, "She's really here. She's right upstairs!" The psychologist made her way down the stairs at 10:30 alone. She said she wanted to give us all a moment alone to meet. Katie walked halfway down the stairs and froze in anticipation. Her legs were shaking. She finally made her way all the way down and this was the moment we captured....

We didn't even cry much. It was so weird because we are both criers! I think this was all way too big for even our emotions to handle.We talked for a few minutes then finished our session. We exchanged gifts then headed to lunch. We took them to Double Dogs because it's a restaurant we have here in Knoxville! We wanted them to have a little taste of our hometown. 

Our medical appointment at NFC was at 1:30. I don't know what it was but she and I were laughing at everything! It was certainly the most fun I've ever had at a fertility clinic. The nurse that was talking to us kept laughing at us laughing and said we already seemed like old friends. She was right.

Katie had her vitals checked, blood work, a lining check and a mock transfer. The doctor said, "Wow! You really picked a good one!" Brad and I would have to agree with him. :) The nurse gave us everything Katie will need before her next trip to Nashville. She will do a saline ultrasound in her home town on CD9 of her June cycle to check for fibroids or polyps. When the July cycle comes she will start the medications to get her body ready to receive the embryos. If everything goes well then we could be looking at an early September transfer! Our prayer requests are that Katie's test results will all come back clear (psychological and the saline ultrasound) so that we can get the contract process started.

I can't tell you how all of this process makes me feel! Some infertile women may feel a little sad. Sad that their body has let them down and they are unable to carry life. I don't feel that way at all. I feel extremely blessed that God has allowed this path for us. So many more people are going to love these children because of my infertility. So many more people are going to see God on the move through this process. I praise Him for my broken road. I thank Him for leading me to Katie. And I thank Him for all of you who have prayed us through this journey. Get ready to dance in September!
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