Sunday, February 23, 2014

The new plan

Well she's here. AF came yesterday just like my the app on my phone predicted. I knew it was a long shot but I thought it just might work since I had the endometrial biopsy the month prior.

One really good thing did come out of all this though. At the beginning of this cycle, we were supposed to do one last IUI (because we still had quite a bit of Follistim left) but it got cancelled due to a leftover follicle. The RE thought that it would become the lead follicle and would ovulate before all the others. I decided to use OPKs just in case and ended up ovulating on CD 22. I knew this was late but stranger things have happened so I did everything possible to get pregnant including Prednisone and Lovenox since CD 6. Although our plan was to try another IUI before moving on, Brad said we could move on without doing another IUI now. We're finally done with all of this and I couldn't be more thrilled.

So the new plan is to do a FET this summer. We have 5 frozen embryos: one is our genetic baby, the others are donated. We've had them for a couple of years but we were waiting to get my body "fixed' so I wouldn't kill them too. Now I'm starting to wonder if I can get pregnant and carry any babies but the only way to find out is to try somebody else's. I want to do another endometrial biopsy just to help a little with implantation the month prior to transfer. I've never done a FET before so any suggestions about the process would be great. If I want to do it either in June or July, when should I start the process?

I don't care anymore if this child is genetically mine. I want to be pregnant and with donated embryos hopefully that dream can come true. But more importantly I want to be a mother. If this is the way Brad and I get to be parents then it's the right way. And if we want to try for our own again later after we've already become parents, we can. My prayer is that I'll get pregnant with twins, one that is my own and one adopted!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waiting to O

It's CD 20 and I'm still waiting to ovulate. I've had some CM the last couple of days but my OPK is still negative. Normally I don't try to get pregnant with TI on a non-medicated cycle but I hated to waste that super fertile endometrial biopsy I did last month. So I talked to my consultant and she suggested to start my Prednisone and Lovenox back up just in case it does work. I also will take my progesterone this cycle if I would ever ovulate. My question to you girls is how many of you have gotten pregnant with late ovulation? I would love to hear some success stories. I'll keep you posted if I get a smiley face soon! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

A follicle on CD 3?

I'm wondering if this has happened to any of you and I'm sure it has.

I went back to my RE today for my E2 level and clearing ultrasound. The nurse said I had a follicle and I think she said it was a 10x12? I asked her how could I already have a follicle when I just started my period and she said it was leftover from my last injectable cycle in November. What? I didn't know you could have leftover follicles. I knew you could have cysts due to the medication. I thought we were checking for cysts, not follicles. She said it might be ok to go forward and they could just watch it but it would depend on my E2 level.

I got a call later this afternoon from the PA so right away I knew it was bad news. She said my estrogen level was too high which probably means that follicle will grow too fast and won't give the others from the Follistim a chance to catch up. When we did our Clomid round with IUI, the same thing happened where one lead follicle messed up the chances for the others because it was so much bigger. We went ahead with the IUI, even though we regretted it later.
We are canceling this cycle. :(

My biggest concern about having to wait is my LAD test. We went to Mexico for LIT in August (our second trip) to get my levels up from 5.2 to 70 so my body will make the necessary antibodies to protect my embryo. This treatment typically lasts 4-6 months so we could be at the end or near the end.

I'm going to email my consultant and ask her opinion. If it were up to me I'd say forget this crap and do donated embryos and then it won't matter if our LIT is over and then we'd also know the embryos are good quality. But I don't know for sure if that's the right decision. I truly think I am saying that just to protect myself at this moment. This is hard. March marks our 7 year date. I thought this would all be over by now but it just never ends.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's almost time

Pregnant or not? I don't know and it's driving me crazy. Last week was awful of course because it was too early to test so you just live in ignorance. But now it's almost time. It's almost time to poas and I'm scared to do it. If I do it too early then it might be negative even if it's going to be positive. But I can't wait too late because I have autoimmune issues that cause me problems in early pregnancy. If I get a positive test then I will need to immediately get my beta so I can get my immune tests drawn again to see if my numbers have climbed due to the embryo implanting. The girls at Coram aren't going to like me very much if I call them again to schedule an infusion that I may or may not need. I've had to cancel two so far; one because I didn't get pregnant last cycle but the other because my numbers were super good!

The truth is I will probably poas Thursday morning. That way I can go get my beta Friday morning and work on my immune tests for the following Monday. Monday will be 14dpIUI and it may take a day or two to get the results. Hopefully that won't be too late to save the baby if my body wants to destroy it. The trick is getting an infusion appointment quickly. Part of me wants to go ahead and just do one again but that's a lot of money to spend if my numbers are fine.

Be ready to see some pee sticks at the end of this week! Prayers are appreciated as always.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Double IUI

Thanksgiving morning was spent at my RE's office getting an ultrasound and then we were sent over to the hospital for an E2 draw. He said it looked like I had 4 follicles that would be ready soon. He told us he would either call us that night or Friday morning to let us know what the next steps were. He asked us if we had a trigger shot at home and we told him yes.

So Thanksgiving came and went with no call. I didn't think to ask him if I still needed to stay on my 150IU of Follistim so I just took it. I figured if he wanted me to stop he would've said something. So he calls Friday around 12:00 to let me know we will be doing the IUI in the morning. I said, "But what about triggering?" He said, "Didn't you trigger last night?" and I told him no. He said he told me to trigger if I didn't hear from him last night. I never heard him say that and neither did Brad. So now I'm freaking out thinking I have screwed up this entire thing. The NK cells are low, the cytokines are low, I responded well but not too much to the Follistim and now this? UGH! So I told him I took more Follistim and he said that wouldn't really matter. Thank goodness! He said we could still do the IUI in the morning if I go trigger right after we get off the phone. I did. I also peed on a OPK to make sure I hadn't ovulated on my own yet and I hadn't. Disaster averted hopefully!

I contacted my consultant to let her know what happened and to get her opinion on my mistake. She said it might be a good idea to do a double IUI and Brad and I agreed with her. We had the first IUI at 7am Saturday morning. He did an ultrasound to make sure I didn't ovulate on my own yet and I hadn't. This time he said he saw 5 instead of 4 and that made me feel better for our chances. We asked him if we could do a double and he agreed that would be fine. He said it wouldn't up our chances a ton but it could help. I told him since I responded so well this time we would like the best chance possible, even if it only helps a few percentages.

We went back this morning, Sunday, for the second one. I was having lots of cramping before the procedure on my left side along with some CM so I was pretty sure it was happening! I had 4 out of the 5 follies on the left. I pointed to the spot that was cramping and he said that's about the right spot! Come on follies!!! I need all 5 to release in hopes that at least one or two are good eggs. At my age you just never know. ;)

So now we wait. Fortunately I will know ahead of time because I always do. I am going to start testing out the trigger in a few days so I'll let you know what's going on this time hopefully. I was just so disappointed in my response to Clomid last time that I didn't keep anyone in the loop. This time I am cautiously hopeful.