Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Delayed for a Bit

Unfortunately the lower estrogen level was a sign of things to come. Katie has to restart meds with a different type of estrogen to see if that will do the trick. She will stay on Lupron for now and do a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork in two weeks. While it is disappointing of course, we want the best possible place for baby to grow so waiting a little longer to make that happen is totally fine. Nothing is predictable in the infertility world and this is just a small bump in the road to a sibling. We will find our way to you just as we did to your big brother!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Lining Check #2 for #2

Katie had her second and final lining check today and it was a triple layer 8.5 which our nurse said was fine. Her estradiol was a bit low in the 100s and they like to see 300s so she is going to take a supplement and get her level rechecked on Thursday. The nurse said the added estrogen typically takes care of everything so her guess is we will still be on track for the transfer next Thursday. I will keep y'all updated!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lining Check for Baby Davis the Sequel

Katie had her first lining check yesterday and it was 5.7 and her estrogen level was also in range. Next check is on June 3 and our nurse said we will hopefully be right on track for a June 13 transfer. This transfer is coming at just the right time because Graham's birthday is this Saturday and my little baby is quickly disappearing into a toddler. Mama's ready for him to be a big brother!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Graham's One Year Pictures

Graham doesn't turn one year old until May 25 but I wanted to do these a bit early so we would have them ready for his birthday party. He didn't smile as much as usual because he was so interested in all the new items to explore. He did great though and we still can't believe he's been our's for almost a year. Time slow down please! I'm going to go cry now because my baby boy is disappearing. 

He kept trying to escape!

The antenna is crooked where he grabbed it!

This rocking chair has had four generations of babies sitting in it on Brad's side of the family

So happy our boy loves books!

He's come a long way since his day as a 5 day hatching embryo 

We tried a smash cake but he doesn't put anything in his mouth. Oh well!

The O ended up in the cake!
Typical Graham expression :)


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making Baby Davis the Sequel/ Graham is 11 Months!

Our sweet boy is 11 months today. I have an equal amount of pride and sadness when I think about that in only one month Graham will be a year old. He has come so far in the last few months with his gross motor skills. He can army crawl quicker than you can run to keep him away from cords, pull up on his knees and even crawled 4 steps just today! He loves balls, music, pushing buttons, reading books, repeating words and sounds and still thankfully LOVES to sleep. We have never felt more blessed in our lives. The 25th is a big day in the Davis family. Just a month ago to the day we were at the fertility clinic with our gestational carrier, Katie, to see if she can help make Graham a big brother soon! Everything went perfectly at her med screening and our doctor said we could begin meds with her next cycle. Wouldn't you know that she started her meds today on the 25th! 

Getting a Graham fix at my mom's house before our appointment

Katie and me at NFC for her med screening. The boys were here too. 

So Katie will be on birth control pills, Lupron, Estrogen and Progesterone and then the transfer will be the week of June 10! Please pray that this little one will survive the thaw and snuggle in tight for 9 months. If it takes then the due date will be in late February so go ahead and pray for our sanity as we will have two kids under 2 for a few months! haha!!! Seriously, we are ready for the challenge and can't think of a better reason to be super tired. 

Katie's friend Heather accepting the meds for her until she could pick them up today!

Got 'em!

Thank you Katie. Ugh that's a lot of needles

Today's menu

We will keep you updated of course, whether it sticks or not. I have been open about our journey for 10 years and so I owe it to this little one to do the same for him/her. No matter what happens he/she will always know they were loved from the start. <3

Graham had his first Easter! After the Easter bunny visited him, he went to church with us and his Gran Randall then met his Davis family at Calhoun's for lunch. It was a fabulous day!

Here he is meeting a few of his recent gross motor milestones. Next up, first birthday!!!!!
Happy 11 month birthday!

This one just because he's a doll

Pulls up on his knees

Can push up from belly now

Crawled four steps!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Baby's firsts

It's taken me forever to post but that's probably due to my new job as a stay at home mama. Graham is now 7 months old! Since my last post he has done lots of new tricks and had many sweet firsts. He started eating baby food and drinking from a sippy cup (sort of) and LOVES his food. He now weighs 21 pounds and it shows. He is wearing some clothes that are 18 months and we are now trying finger foods which he isn't too sure about. I'm sure once he gets the hang of it he will eat it up too!

Trying Puffs but always spits them out!

We have come a long way with our motor skills as well. He rolled over and can sit up unassisted. He is great at grasping too.  So much so that he takes his pacifier out every time it's offered now. I guess we are done with that! 

We had so much fun celebrating all his first major holidays! For Halloween we were a couple of scuba divers but the shark may have gotten him. He had a fun time with family on Thanksgiving and Christmas was the best ever! He liked meeting Santa and ripping the paper best of all. 

We also took a trip to NC in December to surprise his Aunt Katie! He was so excited to see her and her entire family. We went to her dad's house for a little get together and the doctor who delivered him surprised us all with an appearance! He spent the night with the Statler family and did great on his first airplane ride. 

These first 7 months have been better than we ever imagined. Graham you are so much fun and we are beyond proud of you! Can't wait to see what's in store next. My guess is the next post may have a little boy crawling around all over the place.