Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Twin Girls!!

The surrogate is now 11 weeks pregnant with twin girls and everyone is doing great! If you read my earlier post then you will remember that although this will be our surrogate next summer, she is not our surrogate for this pregnancy. She had already made a commitment to this family so we are waiting our turn. The family used an egg donor with the husband's sperm and that worked on the first try. It certainly gives us hope for the future!

There was also an adoption situation brought to my attention this week that looks promising but I never want to get too involved because I always get hurt when it never works out. If it ends up being something worth mentioning then I'll write all about it but for right now I'm too nervous. I guess I may have to end up making this blog private if that's the route we end up taking but don't worry. I'll invite anyone who has already been reading! If this works out then we would still like to try again later with the surrogate. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up with a whole house full one day!