Friday, April 29, 2016

New options!

I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long but when you are dealing with adoption the wait is soooo much longer than fertility treatments and the news is always few and far between. We are waiting on a court date to happen that keeps getting pushed back as court dates always do. I can't really give out much more information than that but I would appreciate prayers for the situation. Even if it doesn't work out for us, these kids need prayer because the situation is obviously not the greatest or there wouldn't be any court dates.

As many of you know, I'm a teacher. There is a parent in my room who is an experienced surrogate and she has offered to carry for us! She had twin boys for another couple so she knows what it feels like to do this for someone. She also volunteers in my classroom so I have gotten to know her really well this year. I've always wanted to try this because we have done everything but surrogacy but my husband was against it in the past. After the ups and downs of trying to adopt, he's come around to the idea! We can't move forward just yet because she is under contract with another couple but hopefully this time next year we will be talking about fertility treatments again!As weird as it sounds I can't wait for retrievals and transfers again. And this time we will be taking my body out of it so it could really work. We are thinking about trying once with our own embryos just to see. I'm nervous about trying it with my egg since I'm 38 but I guess it's something we need to try before doing donor eggs. I'm just scared that it won't work the first time and I'll be tempted to try again and waste more time and money. Hopefully one try will give us the closure we need for a biological child.

So a lot is going on in our lives but it's very slow moving. If something happens with this adoption, we still may want to try the surrogacy. I always wanted a whole houseful! Maybe this is our road to becoming a family finally.