Monday, January 20, 2014

A follicle on CD 3?

I'm wondering if this has happened to any of you and I'm sure it has.

I went back to my RE today for my E2 level and clearing ultrasound. The nurse said I had a follicle and I think she said it was a 10x12? I asked her how could I already have a follicle when I just started my period and she said it was leftover from my last injectable cycle in November. What? I didn't know you could have leftover follicles. I knew you could have cysts due to the medication. I thought we were checking for cysts, not follicles. She said it might be ok to go forward and they could just watch it but it would depend on my E2 level.

I got a call later this afternoon from the PA so right away I knew it was bad news. She said my estrogen level was too high which probably means that follicle will grow too fast and won't give the others from the Follistim a chance to catch up. When we did our Clomid round with IUI, the same thing happened where one lead follicle messed up the chances for the others because it was so much bigger. We went ahead with the IUI, even though we regretted it later.
We are canceling this cycle. :(

My biggest concern about having to wait is my LAD test. We went to Mexico for LIT in August (our second trip) to get my levels up from 5.2 to 70 so my body will make the necessary antibodies to protect my embryo. This treatment typically lasts 4-6 months so we could be at the end or near the end.

I'm going to email my consultant and ask her opinion. If it were up to me I'd say forget this crap and do donated embryos and then it won't matter if our LIT is over and then we'd also know the embryos are good quality. But I don't know for sure if that's the right decision. I truly think I am saying that just to protect myself at this moment. This is hard. March marks our 7 year date. I thought this would all be over by now but it just never ends.