Friday, November 24, 2017

Week 13 Ultrasound

It was so nice to be flying to an ultrasound without fear. Katie has a Doppler and can check Graham's heartbeat anytime. She also has been feeling him move for several weeks now. I can't believe we have made it to the second trimester. For someone who has never made it past a few weeks, this is all very surreal. So without further ado, here he is in all his glory. Our son is not a bit shy but neither is his mama!

The most precious face we've ever seen <3

Just in case we didn't trust the genetic testing. It's a boy!!!!

Nice strong heartbeat

He's always punching his Aunt Katie!

Gender Reveal Party

I apologize for then delay. We have been so busy with the party and then flying to NC for the ultrasound that this is the first chance I have gotten to download everything and write it all down. Plus we did a Facebook Live during the party so everyone knows anyway!!

Our gender reveal party was November 12. It was mostly family with a few close friends. Katie was able to come and so this meant the baby was there for his/her own party! That meant so much to me to have them both there. Not many surrogates would pay their own way to come to this but she isn't like most surrogates. We are so blessed!!!When God designs your plan, everything is always so perfect and that was exactly what this day was for us. Absolutely perfect.

The theme was Putters or Pom Poms which is so us. Brad is a huge golfer and I cheered all through school so it was an easy theme choice. We ordered a golf ball for him to hit that would reveal pink or blue when you hit it.

We started the party with food of course! The food was all golf themed and the desserts were cheerleader themed.


19th Hole

Beverage Cart

Worth the wait

Megaphone cake made by Aunt Carrie

Cheer hairbows

Cupcakes made by Grandma Davis

Rice Krispie megaphones

After everyone's bellies were full, I went into my bedroom, changed out of my dress and into my cheerleading uniform! It was time to hit the golf ball!
Brad wore blue with a pink pom pom button. I was wearing pink with a blue putter button. 

This is a picture of the guesses for boy or girl. Only four guesses for boy and the rest all for girl!

IT'S A.............


I wish I could upload the video of the shocked faces on team girl but it's way too much trouble to do on blogger. Needless to say we had a lot of people that were very surprised. After the cat was out of the bag, I decided to do a cheer to spell out our SON'S name. 

After the shock wore off a bit, we all went back inside to open the gifts that no one was even supposed to bring. :) I would say my sister-in-law, Michelle, may have been the most confident that this sweet baby was a girl since she only bought girl gifts! I guess I'm pretty good at keeping secrets!
Graham may have to save these for his sister one day!
Graham Bradley Davis, his first item with his initials from Grandma Davis
Crying at the words Brave & Strong (like Mama).
Partially because I'm finally a mom but also because of all we had to do to get to this sweet baby boy. 
Graham's first set of golf clubs
Our aunt had these shirts tucked away since my first pregnancy with Grant over 10 years ago. Notice the tears again. 

Here are pictures of most of the wonderful attendees that came to celebrate Graham's life. This little boy has been prayed for by all of these people for soooo many years. He wouldn't be here without their love and support. Sorry for those of you I got with your mouths full but wasn't the food fabulous?

And the most important people at the party......
Graham and Aunt Katie!!!!
So excited that she is already showing.

It's finally happening. It's been a long, tough road but we woundn't change one thing because it led us to our precious son. This was the child meant for us all along. We were destined to be Graham Bradley Davis' mommy and daddy. We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you buddy.