Monday, January 23, 2017

The twins are coming and our next steps!

The day is finally here! Our surrogate's twins are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, January 25th! Remember that these twin girls belong to another intended couple but it's been so fun following her pregnancy for these nine months and seeing a little bit of how things will be for us later. Please keep her and the girls in your prayers as she will most likely be dealing with a C-section on Wednesday.

As for us, we have been busy as well FINALLY! We went to the fertility clinic that our surrogate uses  to talk to her doctor about our choices when we cycle with her. He checked me out with an exam and Brad too (you know!) and said everything looked good. He suggested that I get some blood work done on CD3 to test my egg quality so we can determine if we should try one round with our own embryos into her. We don't really have much hope that it will work since I will be turning 39 this year but we felt it was worth doing the tests. I haven't received the results yet but we are thinking about keeping them private regardless of what they say. I'll explain why because y'all know I'm not very private!

We are considering three different options: our own genetic embryo, an anonymous egg donor with Brad's sperm or an embryo adoption. Whatever route we choose to take, we will definitely be transferring into the surrogate. I am totally done trying to grow any more babies in me and that is something I actually feel good about. I feel like transferring into me is a death sentence to any embryo whether they be our's, an egg donor's or someone else's embryo. Being pregnant is way too scary for me now and I am soooo thankful there are women out there who are willing to put their lives on hold for people like us. I don't know how we will ever be able to thank her.

Whichever road we take we are going to keep the way the baby was made private. Not for me. I am an open book and love to tell my life story to the cashiers at the grocery store when they ask if I have children. This is for our child. Although I would love to tell the world his/her story of how he/she came to be, our child may not want it that way. I spoke to someone recently that used an egg donor to conceive her twins and she said that only their family knows. The twins don't even want their friends to know and although I wouldn't be that way, maybe our child(ren) would be. I just feel like it's best to leave their story for them to tell. Maybe they'll be open like their mama. Maybe they will be very private like their daddy. Or maybe they will be somewhere in-between.

I would appreciate prayers as usual. Prayers for the delivery of the twins is of most importance but also remember us as we juggle through these different choices. We want to do what God would have us do and we want reassurance that we are choosing the right path. I actually would be very happy with any of the three. I just want to pick the one that leads us to the child He has been saving just for us.

*Also if any of you in blogland would like to share your experience with surrogacy, egg donor or embryo donors, I would love to hear how you handled things.

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