Thursday, January 3, 2019

Baby's firsts

It's taken me forever to post but that's probably due to my new job as a stay at home mama. Graham is now 7 months old! Since my last post he has done lots of new tricks and had many sweet firsts. He started eating baby food and drinking from a sippy cup (sort of) and LOVES his food. He now weighs 21 pounds and it shows. He is wearing some clothes that are 18 months and we are now trying finger foods which he isn't too sure about. I'm sure once he gets the hang of it he will eat it up too!

Trying Puffs but always spits them out!

We have come a long way with our motor skills as well. He rolled over and can sit up unassisted. He is great at grasping too.  So much so that he takes his pacifier out every time it's offered now. I guess we are done with that! 

We had so much fun celebrating all his first major holidays! For Halloween we were a couple of scuba divers but the shark may have gotten him. He had a fun time with family on Thanksgiving and Christmas was the best ever! He liked meeting Santa and ripping the paper best of all. 

We also took a trip to NC in December to surprise his Aunt Katie! He was so excited to see her and her entire family. We went to her dad's house for a little get together and the doctor who delivered him surprised us all with an appearance! He spent the night with the Statler family and did great on his first airplane ride. 

These first 7 months have been better than we ever imagined. Graham you are so much fun and we are beyond proud of you! Can't wait to see what's in store next. My guess is the next post may have a little boy crawling around all over the place. 


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